Participation Requirements


The athletic program is open to all boys and girls registered in the K grade through 8th grade at St. Linus School. Athletes must adhere to the St. Linus Extra-Curricular Activity Policy as stated in the School Handbook.

Students enrolled in the St. Linus Religious Education program are allowed to participate on a case by case, sport by sport, basis (subject to availability). Religious Education participants must also meet specific rules set by the Southside Catholic Conference that pertain to Religious Education participation/eligibility. All questions for this compliance are addressed by the Athletic Board President.

In order to be eligible for participation, an athlete must:

  • Submit all documentation within an established timeline

  • Meet the academic requirements

  • Sign & submit completed permission and registration forms

  • Pay all required fees


All participants in St. Linus Athletics must have a current, signed concussion form on file.

This form is mandatory and needs to be submitted to the School Office in order to play sports going forward.

This form is to be submitted after your player has suffered a concussion and has medical clearance to play sports again.

Please submit this form to the SLAC box at the rectory.


All families who participate in any St. Linus sport during the school year must participate in our mandatory fundraising raffle (which takes place in the fall). A book of six raffle tickets will be mailed out to each family by the end of August.

These tickets can either be sold to friends and family or purchased by you. They are $20 each or $100 for six tickets.

If you do not participate in the fall raffle and you register your child for any sport to be played during the school year, you will still be responsible for the $100 raffle fee before any sports participation is allowed.

In addition, if you still owe your raffle fee from the previous school year you will not be allowed to participate in any sports in the current school year until the previous year's fee is paid.